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Car Service

Vehicle Foil Coating

The outer surface of your car is affected by external conditions every day. In recent years, many methods have been developed to protect the outer surface, which is most affected by harmful rays, dust and dirt from the sun. It has also become possible to ensure that the exterior of the car is always brand new.

Vehicle foil coating application is a very effective method to protect the exterior of the vehicle from the harmful rays of the sun. Car coating foil, which is very comfortable to use after being applied by professionals, also protects the paint. Vehicle coating application, which offers many different options that will appeal to car owners, offers drivers an economical method to change the appearance of the vehicle.

Istanbloom LTD experts provide reliable services in paint protection processes applied to ensure that the car paint always looks clean and bright as on the first day. Discover the paint protection application now to preserve the color and shine of the vehicle and ensure the longevity of the car paint. On the other hand, if you have an idea of ​​wearing window film apart from foil coating, you can get service with peace of mind from your safe address, Istanbloom LTD, for jobs that require expertise.

Does Vehicle Foil Coating pass inspection?

One of the most curious issues during the foil coating application is whether the car will have a traffic problem. If the auto foil coating application is made in the vehicle's own color, no further action is required. If the foil coating is made in a different color from the vehicle's own color and with different visuals, it must be registered. Automobile owners can individually carry out the vehicle foil coating license operation procedures, which is a frequently asked subject. In recent years, vehicle foil coating registration procedures have become quite easy for car owners.

Is Vehicle Foil Coating harmful?

Car foil coating application does not harm your vehicle. The vehicle coating foil made by the experts of Istanbloom LTD with quality workmanship and reliable materials ensures that the paint of the vehicle is more resistant to all external factors. Car foil coating application, which ensures the longevity of the paint of the car, ensures that the paint remains as it was on the first day.

How long does the vehicle cover last?

The life of the car foil coating process in automobiles varies according to the way and duration of use of the vehicle. Under normal conditions, the life of foil coating processes varies between 2 and 3 years. However, this period may be shortened due to the vehicle's sun exposure time, weather conditions and other external factors.

The quality of all products to be applied to your vehicle is very important. All the services you will receive from the trained team of Istanbloom LTD in the field of auto foil coating are reliable. Istanbloom LTD offers a service that makes a difference in the sector in all matters concerning the automobile. Combining its experience with the latest technology in all transactions it applies, Istanbloom LTD provides a high level of satisfaction. With the privilege of Istanbloom LTD, create your appointment for the day and time that suits you from the vehicle foil coating online appointment system without wasting time.